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Sheryl Renee and her Salute to the Legends. 70's Popular 

Download The CD for free as my special gift!!

I self-produced this CD as an independent in 2004. It was modeled after my successful stage show of the same name, Salute o The Legends. Each of the featured artists was were my favorite growing up, and this CD was my way of saying thank you to each one of them. I sincerely hope the music blesses you, as it still does me, all these years later. 

I've made the musical tracks available as well for a fee, below. Each features the recorded background vocals as well.
(where applied)

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Free download

Free download

I produced this CD while in NYC in 2013, with some of my favorite people in NYC. (including my youngest daughter)
All total, there were 14 Acapella gospel songs
These are music library recordings for film and television. 
Abaco Music Library

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